Our Company

Brodnickie Zakłady Żelatyny continues a many-years tradition of gelatine production in Poland. For the first time gelatine was produced in Brodnica in 1937. Our company has been existing since 1999, Currently we are one of the largest gelatine producer in Poland. Our company has 100% Polish capital. The raw material used to product our gelatine is 100% swine leather.

The basic company's estimation is to produce a product safe for people's health and meeting a customer's requirements.

Our targets arę executed due to implementation of Quality Systems (in 2005 we implemented HACCP system) to convince our partners that all taken by us measures warrant the product of the best quality.

DUB to our activity we were awarded with many prizes. Mainly, we can be proud of "Złota Kareta" (in 2000) - the prize of Journal "Nowosci" from Toruń and, in 2002, the prize of Mayer of Brodnica as "Company of the year" for good economic results.

We are still developing and dynamically working company. Our activities based on producing experience are connected to many years existence on the market. We gained the trust of many customers. Employees working in Brodnickie Zakłady Żelatyny are people of long-term experience in gelatine production who permanently update their qualifications.